Gub’mint Joe was just a guy running a dry-goods store with his parents when his world got turned upside-down. Not to mention a whole bunch of other worlds.

The story updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Read on, reader…

PART ONE: “When he brushed by me he felt like dry firewood in a gunnysack.”

PART TWO: “A feller come out of the first truck and pointed some kind’a machine at ’em all. Like a big silver gun with a silver dinner plate at the end.”

PART THREE: “He was real prideful’a all this, like they was nothin’ wrong with takin’ a livin’ breathin’ man an’ pullin’ his brains out’a his head.”

PART FOUR: “But that old skin-bound book they found had a bunch’a gods they ain’t never heard of, said Joe, like Gollmorgoth the Cosmic Eye an’ another feller called HE WHO MAKES CONGRESS WITH ATROCITY.”

PART FIVE: “Right away about half’a them assistant docs lost they minds an’ started tearin’ out they hair an’ shoutin’ in a language ain’t nobody spoke for a thousand years.”

PART SIX: “They was big slithery octopus arms everywhere, an’ big hairy spider legs an’ crab claws, an’ slime drippin’ all over everything, an’ a big face that looked like a man an a bug at the same time.”

PART SEVEN: “Heck, this might be the world’s only shot, Joe figgered.”

PART EIGHT: “Soon enough Joe realized ol’ Karthos had a plan’a his own.”

PART NINE: “I know, I know. It don’t make no sense.”

“The Sad Tale of Gub’mint Joe” is copyright Kevin Ott, 2012. Want to reprint it somewhere? Contact me. 

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  1. Got to say, this is one of the finest stories I’ve ever read. Saw your link on reddit the other day, now Im hooked. Can’t wait for the next section to come out!

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